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Today’s corporate world, Right data makes a knowledge decision which is an extremely critical one. Forms and documents comprised of the huge amount of essential data that have needed to capture, extract, arrange and index that will enhance the operational efficiencies. The process of identification and extraction of the data from the Scanned documents is referred to as a Data Capture.

Most of the business owners need to access the business information that is stored in hardcopy files, digital documents or other sources to avail the data quickly in the business operations. It takes much time to handle, so entrepreneurs need to outsource the data capturing process to the best data entry specialists, Digital SEO solutions.

The Digital SEO Solution offers the data capture services to the global clients that help to handle the tedious tasks of extracting desired data from the documents or forms.

We offering the comprehensive range of data capture services that kept secure your precious information and ensure that it is available at the single click. We have dedicated a team to capture and extract your data from all kinds of documents and files formats such as printed, scanned online directories, catalogs and more.

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Data Capture Services

The Wide Range of Data Capture Services in Digital SEO Solutions

Digital SEO solution gathers the most precious information from multiple sources by using our data capture services for your business growth. Our team handles all kinds of file format, you can do both scanned images and in the hard copy format. Here, some data capture services we offer,

1. Document Paper to Image Conversion

At Digital SEO Solution, we have the ability to convert bulk document papers into the digital images of various file formats. Furthermore, we can process the images and store in the database.

2. Check Scanning and Imaging data entry services

We are scanning the checks and legal documents, because it has more sensible information, so it should be handled more sensible and confidential. By using the advanced tools of OCR and ICR, we convert the checks securely and store and retrieve it from the database at any time.

3. Forms Capture Entry Services

The sensible information is collected from the forms by our data entry technicians, then convert it into images and move them into the database while after data capture processing.

4. Document Imaging and Data Capture from Vouchers, Receipts, and Coupons

If you want to extract the information from sales coupons, purchase receipts, and promotional vouchers, we help you to capture them for your business.

5. Capture the Public Records Data Entry Services

Entering the usual data and digitize data from public records such as birth records, town records and municipal records, and many more. These can save into the archived database, so your records made sensible.

6. Data Capture from Storage Devices

We are helping to the client with the capturing of information from the sources like magnetic storage devices and cards, photo data, then process the entire data into microfilms that will help you to retrieve the information at any time.

7. Capture the Survey and Questionnaire Forms

We can capture the information from the sources such as survey and Questionnaire forms which are considered as the most important sources to understand the target market. We collect those lengthy survey data quickly and it has demographical details that the time period.

8. Miscellaneous Services

Moreover, our offshore solution handles all types of quality data capture services in various fields including scanning and electronic data capture, image archiving, microfilm digitalization, direct mail, etc.

Our experts compile the captured data in spreadsheets or moved into a CRM or some software applications. As well as, they understand the client’s needs and data, and then work with the best norms and procedures to provide one hundred percent data accuracy and security.

With the skilled data entry operators, we are working with personalized clients of all kinds of tasks to achieve the documentation needs of different volumes. Here, we are using high-speed scanners to scan the data and then process it by using advanced tools such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and we store the outcomes in the database, you can retrieve it any time for your future purpose.

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Why Outsource your Data Capture Services to Digital SEO Solutions

  • In Digital SEO Solution, we have highly skilled data entry personnel captures the sensible data from various file formats such as Excel, PDF, Text, TIFF, image, etc.
  • By our data capturing services, the client can easily access to all the relevant and desired information. As well as, we provide the tailor-made solutions that suit your business needs exactly.
  • We are certified by ISO for Quality Management System and deliver the top class quality data capturing services. Here, we offer you the utmost 99.95% accuracy at the affordable prices and in faster turnaround time.
  • By using state-of-the-art tools and technology, our experts are processing the external data formats such as text, image, audio and video into the output formats that you want. Our sophisticated methodologies merged with our experienced workforce that allows high volume ventures such as Electronic publication, Forms processing, file conversion, and data extraction from the web.
  • We offer a wide range of customized solution that facilitates digitizes data and electronic data capture from either paper documents or some other sources that you desire.
  • Our well-trained professionals are categorized by their ability to handle data capture tasks that suit your business needs and requirements exactly. Our dedicated experts understand the requirements thoroughly while begin working on the project.
  • You can opt for us because we are versatile, scalable, innovative and more experienced and also spend more time and effort in understanding and working the task.
  • Already we are committed to tackling with clients of both private and public industries with the hands-on experience.
  • Our team extracts valuable information from the analog sources and can easily process useful information. As well as we extract only the quality attribute from the online or other forms.
  • All data capture project is handled by the skilled project manager and then, he monitors the project constantly and guides our trainer to develop the project by using the latest technology and then deliver the project within a deadline that is set by our prospective clients.
  • We perform the services with double entry and triple-compare process that ensure the optimal level accuracy in the final document. In the real-time, we have the automation tool of tracking system that tracks the documents and data that transfer through the workflow. This will help you to ensure that all the documents and data are captured precisely within the timeframes. The excellent document management solution helps to get better customer satisfaction and higher competitive benefits for your business.
  • Our experience dealing with demanding international clients, we offer reliable, more secure, and precise multilingual data capture services anywhere in the globe.
  • Our workflow process, work progress and statistical reports of the captured data are shared to create transparency. So, we create a window for our clients to view the daily routine progress. Our competitive data capturing services will never compromise on your data quality and security.

Capturing the data through our data capturing services, you can gather the data in the most efficient manner, avail your data better and more. Our Offshore solution offers data capture services with the best international standards and practices, years of expertise and also with competitive and skilled resources. It makes your data capturing project as high quality at the cost-effective rates for the high volume applications.

Need any assistance to outsource your data capture services? Get in touch with us for outsourcing your document images and data capture services that will help you to meet the need for accomplishing your business goals.  You may contact us at any time, we provide you with the 24/7 customer support.

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