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30 Jan

Best 12 Online Backlink Checker Tools of 2020 for Improve Your Linking Profile | Free and Paid

best 12 online backlinkchecker tools
Online Backlinks Checker Tools


Are you in search of a useful online backlink checker? If yes, then you are in the right article. Today’s I’m going to share with you a list of best 12 backlink checker tools.

A lot of changes have happened in the SEO world since a couple of years with a lot of advancements and expulsions. Having said that the scope of backlink remains as it is.

Unlike olden days, quality links have become a key player in deciding the ranking part of a website instead of just having a large number of backlinks present on the page.

Google, the leader in search engine platform is very particular in giving ranking to the websites in terms of quality. The recent Penguin algorithm update ensured that all the web pages with low-quality links are erased from the rankings. This has impacted a lot of sites in terms of the ranking (SERP) and the run is towards the mission of improving the quality of backlinks.

To ensure the website ranking is going in the right way and the same brings in visits and interactions, it is essential to identify and understand the backlink profile on the webpages.


Backlink Checker tools – Is it really worth? 

The answer is a big yes. To understand better, a backlink is when your website or a page of your website is linked to another website or a page of that. A backlink used to be one of the key factors in deciding the ranking of the website when it passes through the algorithms. Your page ranking and keyword ranking highly depends on the way you backlink your page to other active platforms.

In recent times, Google and many search engines started ranking the websites with more quality-oriented parameters and not just with the presence of the backlinks. Even though there are two types of backlinks, Do-follow backlink and No-follow backlinks the major one used in websites to improve its ranking is the Do-follow backlink.

Having a proper online backlink checker tool helps us to ensure the right count of backlinks are used in a website and thereby to enhance the presence of the domain in the web world.

Now I’m going to share with you a list of top 12 backlink checker online tools that you can use.

– Powerful Tool for Backlink Analysis

SEMRUSH, as it says is absolutely an all in one marketing toolkit. Maybe, I am happy to give it a top place in my favorite list. This is a solid SEO tool that is highly keen on adding new features and to keep themselves ahead of the race.

If you are looking for a complete SEO tool Suite, nothing apart from the name –SEMRUSH comes first.

See the below screenshot, where I’m analyzing backlinks of my website.

Semrush Backlink Analysis

Below are the major areas this tool covers.

  • Conduct a deep link analysis.
  • Check backlinks’ types.
  • Understand referring domains’ authority.
  • Spot your links’ geolocation.
  • Competitors link analysis
  • Keyword analysis

The SEMRUSH is very evident in terms of database strength; also the same is updated on a regular basis. This guarantees you that the quality of your website backlink is checked thoroughly.

The comparison tool in the suite helps you to compare the quality of your backlink with others and helps in improving your rating.

In last, I will highly recommend SEMRUSH online backlink checker tool for your website.

As well, you can explore all the advanced features of the tool with a 14-days trial plan which you can cancel any time within the trial period, and you will not be charged.

Signup Now SEMRUSH 14-day trial.

2. Ahrefs – Improve your backlinks profile

Ahrefs is one of the most powerful backlink checkers available online. Providing both premium and free options, this is good to go option when you search for a proper checking tool to analyze quality backlinks on the website.

The registration option is given for those who wish to go for an in-depth analysis. This includes complete backlink analysis as well as text analysis.

Also, the quality of each backlink can be checked, monitored and compared in terms of competition and improvement areas are identified and suggested with this tool.

This is definitely a time-saving tool for all including marketing professionals, to get accurate data about your website.

ahrefs online tool for backlink check

With a free version, only you can check the top 100 backlinks for a domain or any webpage.

ahrefs-backlink check free

If you want to do a complete analysis of your backlinks profile then you need to subscribe to a paid plan.

I will highly recommend you to subscribe a paid plan of Ahrefs tool. It will help you to do a deep analysis of your backlinks and keep your website safe all the time from Google updates or penalties like Penguin.

With Ahrefs, you can simply know the complete profile of your backlinks such as Ahrefs Rank, UR – URL Rating, DR – Domain Rating, Total Backlinks, Total Referring Domains, Anchor text distribution, Do-follow, No-follow, and New or lost backlinks.

DR and UR metrics are very helpful in judging the popularity of the backlinks.

Start now Ahrefs Backlink Tool 7 -Day Trial.

3. Small SEO Tools – Monitor Your Backlinks

small seo tools - check backlinks free

Developed by SST (Small SEO Tools) and integrated with Ahrefs’ engine, this backlink analyzing tool is totally free for anyone to use. This is one of the best available lighter versions of backlink tools, which does a detailed analysis of the backlinks present in your website to give a comprehensive report.

This tool helps in getting details like the domain rating, a number of do-follow and no-follow links, the organic keyword and the traffic generated with that, the backlinks and its performances and many more. Offering the option to download and share also makes this tool pretty user-friendly.

Visit now to Small SEO Tools


4. OpenLinkProfiler – Free backlink checker

OpenLinkProfiler is completely a free tool to check the backlinks on your website. It is as simple as just putting the domain name and a click on the Get backlink data tab given. This tool gives you a complete report and gives you the option of checking a single page or a complete website. The outputs given in the report is absolutely useful for any website developer or a marketing person to use and to improve the rating of the website.

This tool may be possible the best free service, considering the kind of analysis it does, the download and saving data options it gives. The OpenLinkProfiler covers unique Links, links to the home page, trusted links on the website, and also shares a link influence score for your website.

Visit now to Openlink Profiler


5. Google Search Console

google search console-back link checker

Directly from the search engine giant – Google. The Google Search Console offers a complete analytic tool to enhance the performance of your website. The “Links” section in the console gives detailed information about the backlinks used on your website. You can check insights such as total external and internal links used, top linking sites, content which is most linked, details of websites linking to your website, the anchor text details, etc.

Probably the Google Search Console is the most reliable tool to get accurate information about the backlinks on your website considering the fact that this tool is from the same Google which gives your website the rankings.

Signup for Google Search Console


6. NEIL PATEL (Ubersuggest)

neilpatel-backlink free checker

Are you really looking to improve your web rankings?

Then NEIL PATEL (Ubersuggest) is one free backlink checker which you can go with. This powerful and easy to use the tool. It helps you to move ahead of your competition. It will give you a detailed analysis report of the backlinks present on your site and shows how strong it is in the competition.

The competitive analysis and the advanced link filtering are the major features of this tool to boast about. This will enhance do-follow and no-follow your link opportunities on your web page.

Try now Neil Patel Tool




Majestic SEO has been the favorite for webmasters for many years, offering various tools to improve the ranking of the websites. A UK based tool is known to be the largest brand in terms of the offering, quality aspects and the services it offers.

The Majestic SEO offers both free as well as a sign-in option; the later unveil a lot more features.

Considered as one of the best SEO tools, the Majestic tool gives complete details about the backlinks in the site, the history and nonetheless to forget the referral reports it gives.

Try now Majestic Tool


8. Rankwatch – Free guide to build quality backlinks

rankwatch - free backlink checker

The backlink checker tool from the Rankwatch can be used when looking at a link building strategy for any marketing model.  When you talk about link quality and the ranking parameters, this may be one name that predominantly comes up, referring to the available free backlink checker tools.

The access to unlimited data offered by the Rankwatch to its users has helped this tool to gain much more acceptance in comparison with many other available options.

See below screen, here you can check the summary of your backlinks such as total links, active backlinks, deleted backlinks, trust score, citation score, and link acquisition trend.


The Rankwatch backlink checker gives a proper summary, provides locations and referrals, backlinks checker data and anchor text statistics.

Start Your Free Trial for 14-Day Today (No Credit Card Required.)


9. LinkMiner – Powerful Tool


Being one of the most trusted backlink checker tools, the LinkMiner has gained its popularity serving the giants such as Airbnb, Alexa, Adidas, Deloitte and many more.

The LinkMiner also helps in finding the most powerful backlinks and helps you to bring the ranking of your website up. Offering a backlink metrics, the LinkMiner helps in anchor text placement and enhance your focus on key backlinks.

With the free and the sign-in options, few of the key features offered by the LinkMiner are 50 free backlink checks, Dashboard access to website preview, category-based backlinks segregation, Strength analysis, and favorite mark option.


How to find competitors backlinks with LinkMiner? – Watch Video

For complete analysis – Start 10-day LinkMiner Free trial


10. MOZ – Link Research Tool

Offering both free as well paid options with different access to the features, MOZ Link Explorer is one of the old and well-known backlink analyzer tools available now.


This tool is a great help for someone who wishes to check and compare the quality of backlinks between two or more websites and to work on the improvisation part of the rankings.

This gives a detailed report covering the domain & page authority, the scoring of the spam, anchor text, ranking keywords, inbound links, linking domains for your website and the lost/new backlinks, and its performance.

If you want to boost your website ranking then you should try Moz backlink checker tool now.

Start Now with 30 Day Free Trial.


11. BACKLINK WATCH – A free and unlimited tool

Classic, yet powerful. That is how we call the link analyzer from the BackLink Watch.

backlinkwatch - free tool for check backlink

This is another my favorite tool, the BackLinkWatch delivers awesome results in terms of the detailing.

Simply enter your website URL and process. Wait for a few minutes. It will show you the information about the backlinks used in the website, the anchor texts used, page ranking, the do-follow and no-follow sorting option, etc.

If you really wish to have an eye on the competition, this is the most ideal free tool which can be looked at.

Use it now for your backlink analysis


12. BuzzSumo 

buzzsumo-backlink checker tool

Available on Pro, Plus, Large and Enterprise Plans. BuzzSumo offers a free trial for the analysis of your backlink. It helps in identifying the links connecting websites. With the option of exporting to excel and .CSV format, the BuzzSumo is definitely in the top list of backlink checking tools.

This tool provides much more comprehensive reports in terms of the performance of each backlink connected to your website and the sharing statistics of competitors.

Quality links are crucial for the success of any websites, providing them the best of the rankings. It is always good to go with a proper online backlink checker tool to enhance the accessibility of your website.

Start Now with 7 Day Free Trial


We have suggested the most popular, trusted, and fastest online backlink checker tools for your website. Here is another helpful article for you to read next:


What is your best tool? Share your thought on the above backlink checker tools.

Do you know any other backlink tool that allows you to find backlinks in the fastest way possible?

Don’t forget to share the post on your social network – Sharing is Caring.

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