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05 Nov

Local SEO – Why Local SEO is Becoming More Important Now?

Why Local SEO is Becoming More Important Now

These days local SEO is becoming more important day by day because of covid-19. All over the world, users are depending on Google My Business listing for correct information. This is because most people are trying to staying local or not traveling.

So, here I’m going to share with you a checklist for local SEO that every business should follow at this time.

  1. Regular Update Google Business Listing: A Google My Business (GMB) profile provides good visibility to your customers/followers. It is very important for those local businesses that are available at multi-locations and server services at different hours. Keep your GMB listing up to date with new announcements, blog posts, images, and COVID-19 related information. Always try to respond to your reviews by using your business targeting keywords in regards to products or services.
  2. Create Landing Pages for Each Location: If you are running your business at multi locations then you should create landing pages for every location. It will help you to optimize your business for local keywords. Also, you can add local structured business data.
  3. Be Consistent: Keep your business names, phone number, and address are consistently online. This will include your GMB, website, and any other web listing sites.
  4. Business Reviews: Add your client reviews to your website from Google MY Business listing, or testimonials, or Trip Advisor. It will help to increase your trust in Google that also increases your local presence.
  5. Add High-Quality Content to Your Website: Keep your website updated with high-quality user-friendly content. There is nothing better than it. Unique, relevant, and target audience content increase engagements on your website and boost your sales. Also, don’t afraid to repost, republish the content that you develop as well.

Highly recommended:- At this time, make sure your local SEO is on point. Regularly respond to your reviews, update Google My Business profile, and update quality content on your website.

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