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18 Feb

15 Best Live Chat Support Software to Increase Your Online Business 2020

Why use live chat software?, What is the best one for your business?


Do you know how does live chat software helps in online business? A few years ago business owners started turning to live chat support to match top mark customer support. Today more than 60% of users on eCommerce discard their shopping cart without checking out. Because customers want their questions to be answered shortly and any insecurity in their purchase results in losing a sale.

Do you want to communicate with your website visitors while they are using your site? If yes, then adding a live chat support box can help your website visitors with instant assistance.

Why Use Live Chat Services to Your Website or eCommerce?

Here is an answer, nowadays the way of interaction is changing in our personal and professional lives. Whenever we send a message to our friend or email to our colleague, we want a quick reply. Whether we are chatting with a co-worker or customer support on any website we get a reply instantly. It will be great if your sales team connect with prospects in a similar way. There are few benefits of live chat support software for an online business listed below:

  • Using live chat software helps you in answering users’ questions and it becomes easy to convert a visitor into a sale. 80% of customers rate quick response as very important if they have sales questions.
  • LiveChat allows a salesperson to interact with website visitors as they are exploring products.
  • The major benefit of using live chat software increase sales and conversions on the website. It has been found that the companies using live chat support software for online business, there is an average 20% increase in sales.
  • Reduces customer support costs, and 50% cheaper than handling mobile phone calls.
  • It helps you to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals.
  • It provides a great opportunity to improve customer support and provide customer experience on your site.
  • LiveChat helps you to understand your customer needs in a better way.

Basically, you need to find pocket-friendly live chat software for website that comes with features that help you to convert more sales and easy to use with WordPress. Before choosing a live chat plug-in, you need to make sure that it offers faultless assimilation with your favorite web apps.

Do you want to get benefits from live chat software? If so, here are some best live chat support tools presented:

Live Chat Inc (Engage your customers): –

livechat-transform your chats into an engaging experience

LiveChat Inc is one of the best software in the sector of Live Chat and trusted by 28k firms worldwide.  It includes achieves, chats transcriptions, report creation, and multilingual chat. This tool helps you to convert website visitors into qualified sales. It is very easy to use and install with their free live chat plug-in. It offers Live Chat apps that can be used on mobile, laptop, and tablet. That means you can chat with your customers without login to your WordPress dashboard even when you are on the go.

You can easily manage your team by keeping track of your customer service team’s performance. An unlimited report features include “chat tags” which gives you data so you can make informed decisions. LiveChat offers ticket forms when employees are offline, so you don’t lose forecast on your site. You can add before & after chat survey asking customers for their order id, email and other critical information so representative have it from the very beginning.

It’s every plan comes with 14 days of a free trial by having different pricing for all businesses. Its starter plan comes with $16 per month.

Pricing: –

  • Starter – $16/m
  • Team – $33/m
  • Business (Most Popular) – $50/m
  • Enterprise – Contact with Live Chat Team

Top 5 benefits of using LiveChat Software: –

  1. Boost your sales
  2. Instantly solve your customer problems
  3. Make a healthy relationship with your customers
  4. Keep your clients happy
  5. Easily integrate your website with your tools

Try 14-day free trail now – No credit card required!

JivoChat – Free Live Chat Software: –

JivoChat-free-online chat software for website

JivoChat is an omnichannel business messenger that is used by over 285,000 websites around the world to improve customer support and convert more website visitors into leads and sales. The platform enables support and sales teams to bring communications from live chat, phone, email, and social channels into a single dashboard. This streamlines communication, improves efficiency, and ultimately reduces resolution and response times.

JivoChat integrates with all the major CRMs and content management platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Bigcommerce, ZOHO, Pipedrive, and more. With an average 4.7 star rating across 6,000+ reviews, JivoChat is the top-rated support app in the App Store.

Up to 5 agents can use the Basic version of JivoChat for free. The Professional version is just $13 per month per agent.

Top 5 benefits of using JivoChat’s live chat software:

1. Convert more website visitors into leads and sales
2. Decrease customer support response and resolution times
3. Improve efficiency by bringing communications from multiple channels into a single system of record.
4. Sync JivoChat with other tools such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for a seamless chat experience.
5. Users can request one-click callbacks for quick, highly personalized support.

Try JivoChat for free

Olark – Increase your sales

olark-live chat software

The Olark is most popular and easiest online live chat software tool in the market. It is very simple to add Olark to the WordPress site. All you need is just to copy and paste code fragment into your WordPress sidebar widget. It also provides a smooth chatting experience to your visitors and your team. It enables you to customize your chat box that matches your brand so that you can provide reliable familiarity across your site.

You can send a message based visitor’s behavior with an automatic messaging functionality. With this, you can send messages at the right time with fewer efforts on your end.

It is providing you 14 days free trial and free plan up to 20 chats per month.

Olark can be connected with android and iOS so that you can chat with your customers on the go.

Its pricing plan is starting with $15 per agent each month. It also provides a 12% discount on annual billing.

Top 6 Benefits of using Olark Live Chat Software: –

  1. Real-time chat
  2. Listen to customers
  3. Understand and learn more from live chat data
  4. Improve your sales and support
  5. Create custom fields for your chat box and collect details of of your customer before chatting.
  6. Easily distribute any of chat to other agents with a click.

As well, you can save 37% per years on the subscription of 2 years.

Try Live Chat now for free and boost your sales.

Sendinblue Chat


If you are a beginner then Sendinblue chat is the best live chat software for your online business. This is all in one digital marketing group including CRM, SMS, landing pages, and email marketing that lets you set up a chatbox and email list. This helps you to convert more visitors into customers.

It allows you to set up a customized chatbox with your name and logo and it is a premium live chat plug-in to communicate with your customers.

With the help of it, you can assign chats to your agent by organizing your team.

It offers different pricing plans and its premium pricing plan started from $66 per month including 10 agents and you need to buy this plan to access its live chat features.

Top benefits of Sendinblue live chat: –

  • Create your chatbox: – You can easily setup a seamless experience for your visitors by adding a customize chat box on your website. As well, you can add your logo and business name to your chatbox.
  • Setup with in few second: Just copy the snippet code and paste it on your website header code and start chatting away with your site visitors to boost your sales.
  • Be active 24/7: With Sendinblue Chat Inbox you can answer your customer query in real time.
  • Eaisly organize your team.

Try it now free of cost

Chaport – Free Live Chat Software


Are you looking for free live chat support software for your WordPress website? if yes, then Chaport is a good option for you.

Chaport helps you to generate more leads, build brand loyalty, and reduce rejection. It is live chat software for WordPress including a free plan with unlimited chats, notification, history and 5 operators online at the same time.

It enables you to collect consumers’ email and connect with them whenever needed and if you are unable to talk to them then you can start a group chat or forward messages to your colleague.

If a customer is on your checkout page then you can send an automated message to help them in a purchase.

You can communicate with customers on Facebook, live chat with the help of Chaport dashboard.

It can combine with any app like Hub spot, Slack, Face Book, Mail chimp, Salesforce, etc.

It is free of cost but its pro plan starting from $9.80 per agent, per month.

Try it now for free

ZenDesk Chat


This company was Zopim initially but then bought by ZenDesk. It allows anyone to add a live chat box to their website as it comes with its free plan. It is the leading live chat support in the market because it offers you to talk to your customers on live chat.

ZenDesk has offer features like offline forms, chatbot, chat routing, shortcuts, tags, analytics and automated triggers.

The automated trigger helps you to send behavior-based and targeted messages to website visitors. Your customers can contact you with offline forms and pre chats when you are not here.

You can integrate multiple profiles like Facebook, Line, and twitter and feed all conversations in one location.

You can also track chat volume and analyze metrics to foresee consumer’s needs along with this you can measure how often your customers making a purchase or leaving feedback.

Also, you can integrate ZenDesk with CMS as well as Hubspot, Drupal, Wix, WordPress, etc.

Try it now for free

Comm100 Live Chat


Comm100 Live chat support that helps you to convert your visitors into customers by providing real-time support.

Its automated chatbot helps you to provide automated responses to visitor’s queries and offers full control over question answers your chatbot handles.

Also, keep your customers happy from front marketing and sales to ongoing service.

It enables an online experience that drives revenue without increasing cost.

It doesn’t provide any free plan and its pricing starts from $29/month per user.

Try it now.

Freshchat – Live chat software


If you want modern live chat software for marketing, sales and support conversation then you can opt for FreshChat. To conversations well organized and focused, you can create various chat threads along with one on one messaging to improve sales performance.

It provides you with full history, customer timeline view, live profile details and customized bots for conversation and designed to be a conversational app that allows you to start a real-time chat with consumers.

It enables you to connect chats to support tickets on slack. Your reps can use canned responses, labels, smart plugs, desktop, and private notes notifications to be more dynamic.

It has features like multilingual messenger, rich media, Clearbit, bots and two major features including Omnichannel it helps you to talk to your prospects from any channel in one place and priority inbox capabilities: help your reps to create their workflow y filtering messages based on time.

It offers free live chat support services up to 10 members as well as pay plan starting from $19 per month per user to $99 per month per agent.

Try it now



It integrates with CRM databases and you can communicate with customers on Facebook, Messenger, Wechat, etc. This software is available in English as well as Spanish, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

It provides you excellent customer service with SMS you can also get sneak peek while a customer is typing a message.

It has a unique feature i.e. HIPAA compliant which is helpful for medical businesses who handle patient information.

You can contact with your customers anywhere as it integrates with your CRM by helping your reps to create the workflow.

The particular software has implementation specialists who help you with integration, account setup, admin training by optimizing your chat sales initiative. As well its chatbot responds to common queries so that you do not miss out a sale.

Its browsing plan starts with $16 per month per customer up to 60$. Usually it target customers with deeper pocket.

Try it now



European live chat software which is used by 3000,000 companies. It helps you build a good customer relationship.

SmartSupp is unique in various ways including live chat, video recording of user sessions so you can analyze what is preventing them to make a sale.

It integrate with WordPress, Magneto, Shopify and various eCommerce platform and you can track/record user conversation with Google analytic.

You can create live chat inbox matching your brand and also use personnel photos to show to your visitors so that they can easily believe that there are real people behind this website.

SmartSupp offers a web dashboard so that you can see your visitors and get all the information in one place.

It provides a free plan where you can connect with 3 agents with unlimited chat and primary features. It has a normal plan of $8/month per customer and a pro plan of $19/month per agent.

Try it now

Chat Room


Chat Room can be used on WordPress so you can add chat rooms to your WordPress website to communicate with website visitors.

It works differently as it is not built around your website to provide support but it lets you create chat room for logged-in visitors.

It helps you to create live communication channels and it is the perfect solution if you are running a community-powered website. You don’t need to integrate with any third party website.

Pure Chat (Best Live Chats Software)


It allows you to customize chatbox matching to your brand and allow canned responses so you can reply fast to your visitors.

Though it has unlimited free plan but to get engaged with real-time analytics, comprehensive account statics, visitors tracking and reports you need to get paid plan which also enables you to integrate with multiple websites.

It is free of cost but its pro plan is $79 per month per user.

Try it now. – Truly 100% free Live Chat System

tawk to live chat free a free live chat software that offers you to provide live chat boxes on your website which is completely customizable. It can be integrated with multiple chat portals so that you can engage with your clients on the go.

It includes features on paid plans like; history, chat automated triggers and sneak peek to which allows you to check what customers are typing.

There is a message queue in the chatbox which enables you to see older and new messages by showing both open and closed messages.

It shows you to check the IP address, email operating system, location and last seen.

It has one unique feature that enables you to hire live and provides 24/7 customer support with native English speakers. services start from $1 per hour for one-month services and it also has an unlimited free plan.

Try it now

ClickDesk – Live Support Chat


It has one of the best and unique features that allow your website visitor to connect you through video or voice chat. Voice and video chat are browser-based it doesn’t require installation. With the help of this feature, your sales representative can close the deal faster.

It provides automatically integrated help desk, one-click integration, social toolbar and plug-ins. It also comes with mobile app so that you can talk to your customers on the go along with analytics and reporting.

Another point to opt for ClickDesk that your sales reps can transfer calls to their colleagues if needed.

ClickDesk provides daily and weekly statics so that you can check out, how much chats you have missed while offline.

It also offers personalized greetings and translation feature over 90 languages.

It gives free version over 30 chats per month per agent & paid plan with unlimited chat range from $14.99 per month to $39per month.

Try it now.



It is all in one live chat software for website including sales support and marketing. It is a flexible tool that helps sales reps to generate leads, boost conversion and engage users. Just like other chat software it also provides automated messaging by adding chatbots to qualify leads automatically 24*7.

You can personalize introduce products, segment customers, content and trigger outbound emails based on the website visitors, what they’re doing.

If you are engaged in a small business then Intercom is the best live chat software for websites that you can use.

Its paid plan ranges from $83 per month to $153/month.

Try it now


As you have studied here the live chat world is evolving rapidly in multiple directions, so we need to checkout for the best software for small and huge businesses. LiveChatINC is the best live chat software as it includes almost all the features and also a limited free plan for users which provides many features.

And the best thing is that its paid plans also economical that can be bought by anyone easily. Its triggers and automation are powerful tools to generate leads.

All the companies mentioned here have managed to make live chat insightful tools. The training for agents should be limited in technical skills, which means to concentrate on your main goal, whether it’s to provide sales, awesome support or help users navigate your website.

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