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16 Sep

9 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2020

Keyword Research Tools for SEO


Do you know what the most important part of SEO is? The answer is keywords. Keywords are the most critical and first thing you have to learn when you start optimizing your blog for SEO. If you are a blogger than you must know that 95% of search engine traffic you are getting from few posts. As these posts got ranked on the first page of search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol, etc.) for keywords that are highly searched by users. To get appropriate keywords you need to find keywords for SEO by using best keyword research tools.

So, here is the question: who is ranking your content?

Here is the answer, an algorithm that looks for few signals in order to rank the content properly. Ranking is the order that pages appear in a SERP (search engine research page). Choosing a right keyword is not easy; you need a lot of data to know which keyword will work for your site.

You can go to popular keyword rank finder tools and type website address to see which keyword you are ranking for. Keywords are most efficient way to attract users as well as quality traffic to your site. Finding good keywords is like being a veteran fisherman, casting net at the right place during the right time. So this is the time you should have to find the popular tools for keywords research.

Here is the list of online keyword research free tools below that will help you to get quality traffic on your website:

  1. SEMrush
  2. Ahrefs
  3. KWFinder
  4. Google Keyword Planner
  5. LongTailPro
  6. Keywords everywhere
  7. Soovle
  8. Google trends
  9. SpyFU

SEMRUSH: High Recommended Keyword Research Tool

When it comes to best keyword research tool then SEMRUSH is one of the best keyword finder tool, as it is easy to use. It offers much more than researching a tool including you can find keyword with a seed keyword by finding keyword, drive traffic to your competitors. You can also find a keyword based on URL you just have to add URL and you will get the list of specific keywords that are ranking for that site or already used by your competitors to rank there site from where you can choose the best one for your site. The tool also makes it easy for you to find long tail and short tail keywords which will help you too rank your website and beat your competitors.

SEMRUSH also have features like:

  • Yearly keyword trends
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Worldwide CPC distribution statistics
  • Organic traffic insights

You can also get keyword data in depth including Keyword difficulty score, Keyword traffic volume, Search engine reports and more details that you need for proper keyword research.

Pricing: It provides you seven days free trial. You need to enter your credit or debit card details but there will be no charges deducted if you choose to cancel your subscription within seven days. Its pro plan start at $83 per month and get billed yearly. The business plan for eCommerce store starts at $333 per month.

Ahrefs: A Great Tool for Keyword Research

It is the most popular and best keyword research tool available for content writers today. It is wildly used for a good reason i.e. it crawl & store third party database of search queries so you get accurate data of your research. You are also allowed to see backlinks, PPC and organic keywords. You will get maximum relevant keywords, backlink opportunities, latest content topics and an email alerts whenever someone mentions you brand name. The reason Ahref provides accurate result because it has millions of keywords and billion of indexed pages. It also uses click stream data to show how many clicks you will get through this search engine. You can directly target keywords with Ahref dashboard by creating a list of keywords.

This is time saving as well as you don’t need to use excel. Idea section is divided into four columns including Questions related to your keyword, keywords from the top 10 pages, Results for the terms you entered and newly discovered keyword.  Ahref tool group its results into number of parent topics, you also need to pay attention for parent topics.

Pricing: it provides you weekly trial at $7 and then it will be $99 for a month including all tools like content Explorer and Site Explorer.

KW Finder:

Are you looking for a tool that is completely dedicated to keyword research? Then you can go with KW Finder is a tool which is designed by a developer known for delivering the best keyword research tools and named as Mangools. The platform makes it easy to find keywords with less difficulty with other specific features.

This is new in the market yet one of the fastest growing companies. It will get you the keyword that helps you to drive maximum targeted traffic. You can quickly find long tail keyword with question based keyword research options that are problem-solving and problem solving content help you to get more traffic and conversion. It allows you keyword filtering option where you can filter search volume, PPC, CPC, Number of words, excluded keywords, included keywords etc. One can rarely find fault with it. One the best feature is that it is budget friendly.

Pricing: it offers free as well as paid plans. Its basic plan starts at $30 which is suitable for freelancers and small businesses. It also have $80 plan suitable for agencies like ecommerce stores and heavy sites.

Google Keyword Planner: – Best and Free Keyword Finder Tool

This is a simple option serving some features and also regarded as the alpha & omega of best keyword finder tool. You need to have an Adword account to access it; it does not mean that you have to pay to access it. This is free. Google keyword planner is the most accurate source of keyword data as the data directly comes from Google. It shows you stats like competition level, monthly searches, Avg. cost per click etc.

Google keyword planner does not provide you exact suggestions of keywords but show you synonyms and variations. It will also show you higher bid on top of the page bid range. It offers you features including accurate search volume, locate commercial keywords and it is the best choice for any business website. If you choose the keyword that has lacs of clicks per month then you must have potential to rank on that keyword. Otherwise choose keyword with low ranking it will be easy for a beginner to rank on that.

Pricing: It gives its free trails as well as its cost can be $192.

Long Tail Pro:

This tool shows an overview data about keyword with focus on how you can beat your competitors. You can take a look at the result of search engine result pages for your keyword to check where you rank against your competitors. Long tail keywords are new trends of SEO. Long tail Pro provides you long tail keywords niche websites. It has more features including it becomes easy to search for long keywords, Powerful keyword metrics. It also offers guidance for high organic traffic.

Pricing: it is a premier tool & does not offer free trial. It offers lowest subscription at $25 per month & billed annually. It also offers subscription.

Keywords Everywhere:

Keywords everywhere is a free chrome plugin that put keyword search data into free Google keyword planner. It shows keyword data on the top of websites like Amazon, EBay and answers the users. As well, it shows you the list that is related to your search terms. It also includes a feature: you can find keywords that your target customer searches for when they are not looking for your product. For example if user is searching for “SEO tools” they can also see “free SEO analysis, Google keyword planner etc.

This easy but crucial Chrome and Firefox extension gives information on search volumes of keywords straight onto a number of your most frequented data websites, including Google search, Majestic’s anchor text report and Google Trends.

Pricing:  It does not provide any free trial; it will cost you $3.6 per year to use Keywords everywhere.

Soovle: Amazing Tool for Finding Best Keywords

It provide you suggested keyword ideas from various search engines including Google, Bing, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon and many more. This is the way you can find keywords that are not known to your competitors. It has “drag & drop” saved suggestion option so you can easily save your favorite keywords. Soovle not only a immense keyword research tool but also a barnstormer as you start typing your idea it automatically generate its own ideas. It explores the most searched keyword on multiple search engines based on keyword root and also includes Amazon, Bing, EBay etc.

Apart from this, Soovle also saves your time by giving you a chart that can be used in reports. It is a customizable & unique search engine in the same sense that offers suggestions on your keyword from major web providers like Wikipedia, Amazon, yahoo, Bing etc. Soovle is a tool to use for keyword research when you are looking for great content creation and need some enthusiasm. It is a user friendly interface.

SpyFu: Good Competitor Keyword Research Tool

SpyFu is one of the best SEO software products in the market; it is useful if you want to stay ahead of the competition in any niche. It helps you to understand your competitor’s SEO policy.

SpyFu is designed to learn from competitors by checking out their most profitable keywords. You can also try it for free by typing website URL in search bar and without logging in.

But if you want to look for more than one site than you have to create account for free.

It also collects previous data so you can check how your website has fallen or rising in ranking for specific keyword. SpyFu also include features like you can compare different website’s competition for a single search term, enable you to check historical rank changes and ranking difficulty by providing you in-depth domain analysis.

Pricing: By choosing the annual billing option you can subscribe it for $33 per month and its agency price is $999/ month.


Keyword research is about question and phrases that your target audience using to find their answers, services and products they want. This is a critical component for any sort of marketing campaign. Gathering all this data is time consuming, there are various tools that can help you to gather this information. But SEMrush is the best keyword finder tool that can help you with your marketing campaign as it offers various features. Apart from this it also provides free trial and paid plans starting from $83 to $333 per month.

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