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01 Nov

Click ‘N’ Pick – Shop Online, Collect from Near by Store

What is the Click ‘N’ Pick model in eCommerce?


Click n Pick is the latest and most demanding feature in the eCommerce business. It allows shoppers to buy products online and pick them from nearby physical stores.

24Seven Commerce provides a “Click N Pick” e-commerce model for serious retailers. It will enable your web stores to shop online and pick orders from the nearby store locations.

For Example: – Shoppers places orders online. It will automatically download and processed it to its nearby location automatically.

Why Choose Click ‘N’ Pick?

  • Shoppers buy items online & pick them up in-store or at a centralized collection point.
  • It will save an important amount of time when shoppers buy a lot of products.
  • Many studies revealed that Click n Pick helps to generate more up-sell and cross-sell opportunities in the physical stores.
  • Click n Pick method enables buyers to buy their way. They are free to pick up the items when it’s convenient for them – No shipping, no tracking, and no waiting time.

If you are looking to enables this option then just contact us.

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