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29 Sep

QuickBooks POS Shopify Integration – Best Solutions Providers


Are you looking for QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) Shopify Integration? In this post, we are going to talk about best 4 integration companies that are providing seamless QB integration with Shopify eCommerce.

Let’s know something about QuickBooks POS

Small businesses are usually hanging around with their accounting problems-bookkeeping, inventory tracking, employee management, and so on. QuickBooks POS is well-built software to solve the problems and allow users to know where his business stands for. Retailers with one or multiple branches can oversee their daily sales reports, inventory transactions among shops, and manage payroll.

Integration with QuickBooks financial allows users to reconcile sales, COGS, and payments. It offers local, web-based, and mobile POS solutions for businesses of all sizes.

According to representatives from Intuit, QuickBooks POS is designed to appeal to two types of users: salespeople who want to create their own business and salespeople who want to build a new system for their existing businesses. QuickBooks Point of Sale is designed to empower business customer service and meet their needs. It follows customer information and has a wide variety of features to increase customer loyalty as well as promote resale. These features include tracking past purchases to determine which brands and products they prefer.

Quickbooks for Shopify users:-

Shopify is the heart of your online business. With so much data out there, you need to stay organized and update your books. Shopify Integration with QuickBooks allows you to manage inventory, sales orders, customers, and shipments easily and efficiently.

QuickBooks for Shopify makes it easy to export all your Shopify sales to QuickBooks directly from your administrator. With one click, your order details (including line items and taxes) are automatically sent to your QuickBooks POS system.

24Seven Commerce – QuickBooks Integration with Shopify

(Highly Recommended)

24Seven Commerce is a leading company in the sector of omnichannel solutions. It is providing seamless integration between POS and eCommerce shopping carts and online marketplaces. If you are looking for the best solutions for Quickbooks and Shopify then I will recommend you to go with 24Seven Commerce.

24Seven Commerce connects Shopify to QuickBooks seamlessly. The integration enables 2-ways auto-synchronization between Shopify and Quickbooks POS. The integration allows you to uploads QB POS inventory to Shopify and downloads Shopify orders and customer information into Quickbooks POS automatically.

Auto synchronization of inventory from QuickBooks POS to Shopify helps the retailers to identify the stock position as well as prevents out of stock. Both physical and online inventory can manage through this integration. Online orders automatically sync to QuickBooks to keep records of all orders as well as customers that propel to provide customer service quickly and efficiently.

Quickbooks integration with Shopify lets shoppers check out the available stock, correct product details, and avail promotions. Also, store owners can generate sales reports, manage backorders, payments, and shipping from the synchronized data from Shopify. Also, it enables your customers to order ahead with buying online pickup in-store.

Using 24Seven Commerce QuickBooks POS integration, you can connect multiple retail outlets to Shopify to manage inventories and orders as one.

Top benefits of using 24Seven Commerce Integration:

  • Uploads product catalog details from Quickbooks to Shopify automatically
  • Updates new pricing and inventory details from Quickbooks to the Shopify automatically
  • Also, updates Quickbooks inventory to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Farfetch, Walmart, etc.
  • Downloads Shopify orders into Quickbooks POS automatically
  • Eliminates manual or duplicates data entry on your eCommerce
  • Offer curbside pickup
  • Affordable solution


  • Free Plan
  • $59 Per Month for single-store
  • $99 Per Month for Multichannel

In the initial, you can go with a free monthly plan and upgrade to a premium plan when you grow.

Omnichannel Commerce (Best Quickbooks Shopify Integration)

Linking Shopify to Quickbooks through Omnichannel Commerce helps you to provide the customers’ service efficiently. The integration allows you to enables one way or 2-ways auto synchronization. You can go with your requirements.

With the integration, you can easily upload your QB POS inventory to your Shopify estore and whenever you received an order it will downloads into QB POS automatically. It will eliminates the oversell, duplicate entry, and manual data entry. Also, the integration makes it easy to manage the inventory in both online and physical stores.

After every sale, stocks get updates in QuickBooks that prevent you from running out of stock. Customers can check out the stock position of your store, price of the products, and place orders quickly. Orders will automatically sync with QuickBooks, make it easy to manage the order as well as let you store the customer’s information for further promotions or offers like price change, discounts.

All the information of Shopify orders like product name, code, price, tax, shipping charges populated into the QuickBooks POS database, and makes your works easy from accepting an order to deliver. Shopify and QuickBooks integration allows you to generate all sales reports, inventory reports, and analyze all reports for advanced planning.

QuickBooks Desktop Sync

Shopify QuickBooks desktop integration allows the user to record each order from online. Each order automatically syncs with QuickBooks will save time on data entry and keep you away from any duplicate entry. It results in processing the order quickly and efficiently to provide satisfactory customer service. The order record will update with inventory facilitates to keep the inventory accurate and prevents overselling. You can easily track the inventory before out of stock.

Each sale will hit the QuickBooks financial software on the desktop gives accurate insights of where your business stands for and also maps sales tax to specific items in QuickBooks for accurate sales tax filing. You can easily manage the refunds or payments by connecting QuickBooks with Shopify.

When you change the price of products in QuickBooks, it will automatically update on the Shopify that helps the retailer to be reliable sellers to the customers. Listing of any product in QuickBooks will easily publish to your Shopify store including images and other details. Linking QuickBooks to Shopify will entirely automate your e-commerce operations and accounting system that ultimately satisfy your customers.

Agiliron – Connect QuickBooks and shopify:

Agiliron provides middleware service to connect QuickBooks to Shopify for the smooth operation of your e-commerce. The inventory of a business can efficiently manage through this integration. Every sale in online shops will automatically transfer to the QuickBooks enables you to get the up-to-date stock position at any time and fill up the inventory before stock out. It eliminates duplicate and manual data entry and also reduces the possibility of overselling products.

Price changes in QuickBooks automatically sync into Shopify helps the user not to update the price in Shopify. You can manage more than one shop, employees of different shops, and their payroll easily and efficiently. Agiliron helps you to sync company information, sales receipts, invoices, vendors, purchase orders/bills, and returns. You can facilitate direct sales via Phone/Fax/Mail. You can easily pull out the reports to get insights into the company. Integrating Quickbooks with Shopify allows you to calculate sales tax on specific products.


Q.1 What is QuickBooks POS best for?
The QuickBooks POS system is best for small and medium-sized businesses. It is suitable for retailers with one store or multi-store. Retailers can manage inventory, sales, sales return, promotion, and even payroll of employees.

Q.2 What are the requirements for QuickBooks?
It only works on Windows systems. This system is also compatible with the MS Surface Pro 4 tablet. The following are the hardware requirements for using the POS software.

Processor: 2.8 GHz processor, recommended for single users; 3.5 GHz for multiple users.

Storage space: at least 1 GB of storage space

RAM: 6-8 GB RAM recommended for workstations.

Screen resolution: 1280 * 768 or higher

You must use the QuickBooks POS hardware with this software. Hardware purchased from other sources may not work. Additionally, Intuit does not provide access to an API, so there is no guarantee that other products will work with Intuit POS.

This QuickBooks POS  can integrate with QuickBooks Desktop 2016, 2017, and 2018 and Enterprise Solutions version 16.0, 17.0, and 18.0.

Q.3 How much does QuickBooks POS Shopify Integraion cost?

Average starting plan $59 to $99. Also, some of companies are offering free plan like 24Seven Commerce.

Q.4 Can I Integrate QuickBooks POS with Shopift store?

Yes, you can easily connect your Quickbooks POS with Shopify by using any of above listed companies.

Q.5 What are the advantages of QuickBooks POS and Shopify Synchronization?

Below are the major benefits of the integration:-

  • Auto upload inventory
  • Sync web orders into POS automatically
  • Stop manual data entry
  • Stop overselling
  • Sell on munti-channel
  • Offer cubside pickup
  • Generate proper reports


QuickBooks POS integration with Shopify makes the whole operation of your e-commerce tote easier. The payment processing, sales management, pulling out personalized reports, cash and returns management, discounts, credit, and gift receipts all can do smartly and efficiently. You can store customer information to generate repeat business through personalized promotions or offers.

POS solutions can be a little expensive. But the price is worth it, considering the value you get with the system. It is a powerful tool for managing sales data and inventory levels for small and medium-sized businesses. You get an accurate picture of sales and inventory.

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