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20 Feb

How to Improve eCommerce Website or Store Traffic

Improve eCommerce Website TrafficAre you thinking to start up an eCommerce website to sell your services and products online? On the other hand, you want to increase more traffic to your exiting eCommerce store then you need to contact with SEO friendly eCommerce website Optimization Company. A good company easily helps to increases your website visibility in the major search engines to increase your revenue in very low period.

There are some ways to increase traffic and sales:

Facebook: Facebook is the number one social networking website in the whole world and very helpful for the eCommerce brands to increase sales, traffic and build big list of fans and customers.

In order to drive massive traffic and sales from Facebook, then you need to generate engagement and build an audience. Now you can share info graphic of your brand that work very well on Facebook compare to other type of posts.

Create a Blog to keep fresh content on your website: You can start company blog to keep your website fresh and updated by add informative blog post on the latest products. This is best option to write custom content on targeting keywords or products to increase sales and traffic.

Article Marketing: Article marketing is the best, free way to drive massive traffic and generate additional back links to your website. If you want to start article marketing then start with

eCommerce Website Traffic

Product Internal Linking: Search engines like keywords rich links, so you can get a link from product description on your keyword to turn them into links to related products in your store.

Use Heading Tags: Heading and Subheading tags (H1, H2) are very important to add on each page of the website. You can add your targeting keyword in H1 or H2; it will help to increase your website visibility in the major search engines. If you are not using and do not have knowledge about it then you contact with any webmaster to fixed heading tags.

Optimize your product image: You can add a keyword-rich phrase in “alternate text” to your product image that will help in increase additional traffic for your eCommerce website.

Use Google Analytic: Google analytic is the best option to track your website progress, if you want to improve your website traffic and sales then you need to use Google analytic tool to track your website progress.

Drive Additional Traffic with PPC: PCC (Pay per Click) is another effecting way to generate massive traffic for eCommerce store and help to make your brand more popular in the whole world.

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